Mining Farm Administrator

Job Description

Mining Farm Administrator is responsible for looking after the mining hardware and software at our cryptocurrencies mining facility. Servicing hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide our mining farm require constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure the equipment and software are running smoothly. Your daily tasks will include driver, OS, software updates, hardware and software troubleshooting and debugging, monitoring and keeping configurations up to date.

In addition to the above, this exitic position offers options for R&D, system automation and overall system improvement and optimisation, providing a great opportunity to learn and advance in scripting, programming and system administration.

Specific responsibilities include

  • Maintain hardware in a working condition by performing daily reviews and maintenance
  • Investigate and solve various hardware and software issues in a production cryptocurrencies mining environment
  • Monitor overall performance of the environment
  • Maintain monitoring configuration
  • Maintain networking configuration


  • Experience handling computer hardware (PC assembly, fault debugging, etc.)
  • Experience with Windows operating system including installation and maintenance
  • Knowledge of basic Windows administration tasks (e.g. local / group policies, firewall)
  • Experience with Linux operating system (i.e. Ubuntu)
  • Ability to identify and critically analyze problems in given systems as well as propose and develop solutions independently
  • Passion towards technological innovations and willingness to jump into unknown territories
  • Good spoken and written Russian

Beneficial (optional) skills

  • GPU overclocking and tweaking experience
  • Scripting experience using Bash, Python, PowerShell or other language
  • Experience with infrastructure monitoring tools (i.e. Nagios)
  • Knowledge about computer networks and networking principles
  • Familiarity with Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies
  • Good spoken and written English